I Became A Certified Diva

On February 14, 2014, I attended a Diva Certification Workshop and got my sparkly crown.  This workshop was conducted by Heidi Parr Kerner, a motivational speaker in Erie, PA.  Her presentation was interesting, informative and entertaining.  Major points emphasized in the program were:

–  How to make a powerful First Impression within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone

–  How to introduce yourself to someone new with just 1 sentence – that grabs attention instantly!

–  How to “mix and mingle” and “meet and greet” in 10 easy steps with confidence!

–  How to ask 5 “lead in” questions to get the conversation going…and see if they need YOUR services…

–  How to “follow up” with Coffee Talk to build relationships and receive referrals.

Women empowering women…YEAH!!!

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