Exercising at the Y

I  go to the YMCA to do some exercising.  If one goes regularly at the same time, the same people are usually there.  There is a nice looking older man with a good body and we acknowledge each other with a brief “good morning”, or “working hard this morning”, or just a smile and a nod.  I have no idea who he is or what is his name.   One morning I went to Giant Eagle to pick up my prescription and noticed a man standing at the counter, bundled up in a bulky coat and a hat low on his face.   He smiled at me and I ignored him.  After a second glance and realizing who he was, I said, “Oh, hi, I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on,”  and noticing a wide-eyed, surprised look on the clerk’s face, I tried to explain: “Wait…that didn’t come out right, I see him at the gym.”  By that time, all three of us were laughing…

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