Pulling up to the gas station, I notice that all the lanes are filled with cars going against the direction arrows, and all the drivers are male.  Only one car is in the lane that I need (my tank is on the passenger side) and it’s pulling out.  I hurry to pull up to the pump, while a man with a big SUV pulls up half way to the same pump going in the wrong direction. Neither one of us can get to the pump and neither one is moving.  I wave to him to get out of my way…he’s not moving.  By this time I’m angry…I ACTUALLY get out of my car (I can’t quite believe I’m doing this), walk up to his window and waving my arms, pointing to the direction of the arrows on the pavement, yell for him to move back.  He’s sitting in his car, smiling at me, and refusing to move.  I get back in my car, and both of us are sitting there, not moving.  After about two minutes, seething with anger, I decide that this is just STUPID.  I back out and, by this time, there is an empty lane which suits my car.  After getting home and a stiff gin and tonic, I’m still angry at men who can’t follow directions and lord over women!

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