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Had a colonoscopy scheduled for a routine checkup on 5/6/14. Doctor removed a small polyp and wants to recheck in 4 years, provided the biopsy is ok.  He will call with results in a few days.  Everything went well, the attending nurse was very nice. While we were chatting, she noticed my accent and asked […]

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I Became A Certified Diva On February 14, 2014, I attended a Diva Certification Workshop and got my sparkly crown.  This workshop was conducted by Heidi Parr Kerner, a motivational speaker in Erie, PA.  Her presentation was interesting, informative and entertaining.  Major points emphasized in the program were: –  How to make a powerful First […]

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  Pulling up to the gas station, I notice that all the lanes are filled with cars going against the direction arrows, and all the drivers are male.  Only one car is in the lane that I need (my tank is on the passenger side) and it’s pulling out.  I hurry to pull up to […]

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About old age While shopping one day at a large department store, I picked out a shirt and was waiting at the counter to make the payment.  The clerk was busy talking on the phone…it was a personal conversation .  After waiting for what seemed longer than 5-7 minutes, I was getting impatient  and ready […]

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An Unfamiliar Illness: My son went to the pharmacy to pick up his heart medication.  The girl behind the counter was new, he had never seen her before.  He smiled, “Do you have something for Norvaisa?”  There was a brief silence, then  the girl said, “I never heard of that before.  I’ll have to check […]

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Exercising at the Y I  go to the YMCA to do some exercising.  If one goes regularly at the same time, the same people are usually there.  There is a nice looking older man with a good body and we acknowledge each other with a brief “good morning”, or “working hard this morning”, or just […]

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Welcome To My Website Browse around, read the information about me, about my book and look at my paintings. I would love to hear what you like about it.  If you have any suggestions to improve it, I would like to hear about them as well. If you have read my book, tell me if […]

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